The boy next door

The boy next door looked frail .
He stared at me with his deep goldfish eyes and it felt as if he was piercing my soul.
The night was cold and dark .
A cool light breeze caressed my face.
I turned around and looked through my telescope .
The night sky was starry .not a single cloud…
Lost in my thoughts ,I looked at the moon through its mystical beauty and its mysterious other side.
Examining its visible craters ,I wondered what the other side of the moon looked like.
I shrugged and a vague thought crossed my mind.
This made me remembered Mark Twain  quote :

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

I had no time for afterthoughts when suddenly ,my attention was diverted by a noise behind me.

Startled , I turned around spontaneously .
Nothing was to be seen ..
but when I looked up , I saw him.
Still standing on his terrace as though he had not moved at all.
Starring at me…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. khivishta says:

    like for more 🙂


  2. dokter says:

    Ki sa bne garson twe frequenT la sa??


    1. khivishta says:

      yess i really appreciate your compliment


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