Angry earth

The wind was howling outside as if ghosts were crying out of desolation.

The night was cold and dark .
I looked up the sky ,out of habit, to search for the stars.

Not a single one could be perceived . The sky had blended with the darkness of its surroundings …

I got into bed and tried to sleep.
Through my curtains I could notice dark figures swinging back and froth .
Startled, I pulled back the curtains, only to notice the papaya trees dancing in the whistling wind .

To the sound of the rain smashing my window like bullets from a gun , I slowly drifted to the world of dreams…

The morning scene was no less…

Scattered on the ground were leaves and branches  which has been snatched from their trees as if souls were ripped out of their bodies.
Even trees are living things I  told myself ..
I starred in the distance and noticed stray electricity cables and pieces of iron sheets on the ground …

A recurring question came back in my mind :
Has the worldwide pollution put in danger small islands and cause the formation of such violent cyclones  ?

I left it as food for thought …


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