The boy I met

The boy I met had sparkling green eyes.When he looked at me , I could feel his eyes piercing my soul. His touch was smooth like silk ; the softest silk that could ever exist.I always felt that we were connected by some kind of magic rope or something,but then again it was just a simple feeling. His talks always had a deep meaning which I took time to understand.Sometimes I felt he was from a different planet ,a planet where happiness seem to linger on every rock.I always felt safe when I was close to him.Sometimes I could feel as if he read me like an open book of which he never judge the contents.He was no way funny but made me smile like no one before.  He possessed an amulet;a kind of nebula cloud trapped in a glass surface.Wherever I saw it , I felt at peace; I felt at peace with myself ; I felt at peace with the world ; I felt at peace with him.The boy I met had that power over me.and now he’s gone , he’s gone for ever…
I always looked at the stars outside , searching for his planet ,waiting for some kind of signals… hoping and just hoping that one day he will come again to save the little girl lost in her own world.


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