The lost girl

She was alone again.Alone along her problems. Once again being hurt by something she has not done. Once again seeing her precious one losing all courage.She was being shouted at. She had no one to turn to.She sat and thought of her past and of her present which had not changed much.There were still endless fights ,endless problems and endless pain.She was already ill but the circumstances make her worst.She wished to be far away once again , far from everything on this island that brought her more sadness than joy.She was a lost soul, homesick for a place she could call hers.She looked at the stars for a little bit of hope but all she could found was their tinkling light  in a sky full of darkness.She gathered her courage and told herself that one day she will get out of this never ending hell ,with non other ,than her own strength.Everyone wished to have money but she only wanted to have a peace of mind…


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