The way we used to be

I miss the way we used to be.I miss being treated right for the first time in my life.Although it was not perfect , it seemed so real.I miss the way we used to laugh together.I miss the late evenings where we used to be together after class.I miss the way we hanged out together.I miss the days when the two of us alone was enough to be happy.i miss the day when he told me I was his best friend and I found out I felt the same about him.I miss all those kisses on the forehead.I miss the way he used to talk to me in none other way as he talked to others addressing me as such respect .I miss the time he used to pamper me with occasional gifts.I miss all those sweetest posts on my Facebook wall. I miss when he chose me every time over everyone.I miss all those sweet attentions of him acting like a real gentleman.I miss how I could tell him everything without him judging.I miss the silly things we did together .I miss those sweet morning texts before I even got up.I miss the way he chose me to be part of his life.I miss him calling me beautiful.I miss how he was protective over me.I miss how he took care of me when I was ill. I miss the way he would hold my hand when crossing the road.I miss the way he used to to care about what I was eating.I miss the sweet whisper of the 3 letter word in my ear.I damn miss all those little things that I now realized were the biggest things one could ever have.Back there I did not realize the value of what I had once.Guys we should value everything before its gone.Learn to appreciate the smallest things in life that make you happy.I am grateful though of having experience all these stuffs.Things do certainly change with time and often we don’t find ways to go back.people changes.But the memories are still with us wherever we go.I.once had the most lovable person in my life.


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