Game of thrones : a review ( alert : contain spoilers Book 1-4)

I am in fact a great fan of the tv show and the books ” A song of Ice and fire” . The plot is simply superb.It captures one’s attention in a way that we become quickly addicted to the books and the shows.

But now let’s face it ,George R.R Martin the writer knows how make the reader loose all sense.The physical and sexual violence present in the show is simply horrible.The life of the people in the show is no less. Killing people mercilessly , mutilating them ( cutting Jamie Lanister hand was the most painful part , pouring hot gold on Khaleesi’s brother head , fucking woman like dogs ) makes us believe that life is not precious .Life just seems useless in this show .Today we are living  and the next day we can die .The sexual relationship between Cersei and Jamie , the twin siblings is simply disgusting , if I may say so. On top of that , every now and then a main character dies and that just pisses me off .When,It began with Ned stark in the first episodes , I stared in disbelief  ,shook my laptop ( was watching on it ), and cried out that was simply NOT possible.And now it continues .. with Rob stark , his wife and her mother. Bad things again and again happen. In fact all my favorite characters died so far and I wonder whats next. I have not yet watch the latest episode but I have encountered spoilers, And Cersei “walk of shame” seem really like a traumatizing experience to come.

The  extreme violence by which the people are murdered , the emotional indifference of some people in it  ,all those horrors these Stark girls had to endure , there are parts I cannot even watch. Maybe this influences people’ behavior to be prone to violence while watching the TV show. In fact , I have noticed some changes  about myself .(well maybe it was PMS not sure about it ! ).Or maybe watching the show triggered the violence in me ( which I was already subjected to in childhood) .

Anyway ,George Martin is certainly a sadist or a masochist  or a fucking pyscho.. Despite all these , this is by far the greatest show I have ever watched . Hats off to him for the  books of ” A song of Ice and fire”… After a long time , I have been really  passionate about something thanks to him …


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