Lets talk about china

It has been a long time since i posted something here. But I am back now . Back with new stuffs ,adventures and many more things that I have learned and that I think it will be very useful to share.So lets get started in here !Recently I have been living in Nanjing China. Well many of you who does not live in china have your own ideas about the big asian continent . Most of us only know about the great wall in Beijing and nothing else.Not much to visit in China huh ?

Well let me tell you that this is a totally wrong misconception. From the North of China to the south ,there is so so much to see!

But wait ! let me first start where I am currently living : Nanjing ! Well I did not hear about this place before I came here and so I did not know what to expect expect for maybe big buildings everywhere from what I saw on internet.

But to my deep surprise ,when I came here I saw so much of the beautiful nature that it had to offer. To be honest , Nanjing has so many parks with beautiful sceneries ! I was astonished of the presence of green trees and nature everywhere. Even though pollution is a big problem in China unlike Mauritius ( my little paradise found nowhere) some days have very fresh air to breathe specially on the top purple mountain .

Well ,its not only about greenness , Nanjing has also well developed roads , buildings and  amazing commercial malls. It also has attraction parks , zoo, water park , hot springs and many museums,It has many western food admis the deep variety of Chinese food available and not to mention international brands of clothes can be found anywhere around downtown. Talking about Nightclubs in Nanjing , they have very good foreign music and foreigners . haha !

So basically , it a city where nature meets modernity and I think it should be well advertised for tourists also. So anyone passing by Shanghai , can drop by Nanjing for a visit since it is only about 1 hour by bullet train! Its totally worth it.

But what about Shanghai ? Lets find out in my next post 😉


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