Heaven on earth

It’s been more than a century since Mark Twain said: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius” – and it seems some things never change.

Its early morning ,around 7 o’clock .The sun is still coming out  but it’s already sunny around the whole beach .There’s a gentle  fresh breeze among the majestic palm trees. Few people are jogging along the seaside at that time. The beach seems pretty much empty.

I’m walking barefoot along the silver sands gazing at the azure sea as I sip from a freshly picked coconut juice.

Some thoughts come rushing into my mind . This was my hometown . After spending 24 years on this little island in the Indian Ocean , I got the opportunity to study abroad. But nevertheless , i could not find the unique beauty of Mauritius anywhere else I visited till now.

When the tiny (720 sq. mi.) Indian Ocean island won independence from Britain, one might have got the idea that it was serving as a model for a less elevated region. Ringed by silver sands and azure waters, dotted with scarlet flame trees and emerald sugar plantations, it has a perfect strategic point for commerce.

Mauritius today has many tourists for its white sandy beaches , majestic palm trees and blue azur sea. An ideal place to relax among family ,couple or friends , the seaside is one of the most popular attraction in Mauritius.

Water activities like catamaran , speedboat , swim with dolphins , sea karting , parasailing ,undersea walk , seabob , skydiving , kite surfing and many more are the prized activities in Mauritius. And guess what it’s not only about the sea !!! There are  numerous wonderful and adventurous places to explore in Mauritius .  Some amazing places are not well known to the tourists because they are not very well  advertised as it is a bit difficult to get there. But at every hardship , something beautiful is surely waiting for you . Ever heard of that saying ?!

If you want to know more about these activities in details, time to go to my next posts which will make you drool and give you a proper insight before coming to the island !

I tested most of them ,and thus i guess there’s no better guide than me right ?

So let’s go !


From a Local Islander !


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