Little foodie secrets in Mauritius !

I have lived in Mauritius for about 24 years. It’s my hometown ,where my soul resides. But this vacation when I went to my beloved island , it was totally a new experience . You may be asking yourself why it was so ? What made it so special to come back after 4 months of studies abroad. Nothing surely changes in a country after 4 months right ? Well indeed the island was same as I left it .

What changed was my perspective! My perspective about the island , about the world and about myself.After seeing many different international cultures from the encounters I have made in China , it was totally mind opening. So many people from different countries , but deep inside all humans with basic needs and values.

Of course , we have many different habits , cooking , eating , languages and centre of interests . But at the same time , some of us could relate to each other through the experiences they had in their life (even though it was not in the same country) , the childhood dreams they had , the music they listened to and the clothes they wore.So basically they are  all humans from the same planet ! Even though our differences,we could see our similarities. Some of the personalities however were way far from me but some of them were surely way too close!

So getting the way back to Mauritius with two russian foreigners were totally epic !

Epic in the sense that,first of all I saw my island with a different eye : With the eye of a tourist ! and yes I completely astonished about how different the island is when you see it from the eye of an outsider.

The usual oily cake you eat for breakfast in the morning ( known as”gateaux piments”in the  island native language which is Kreole), stuffed in a french baguette ( available in every corner of the island) becomes a delice to the foreigners.

Our main street food which is the dalpuri , (curry and special type of bread ),a totally vegetarian stuff becomes the most prized and quick food to the foreigners. The one and only mauritian speciality , the briani , made with special rice and meat was also a great option to make them feel the real spirit of the island. The homemade special mauritian food made by the mother which I was fed up with, a few months ago before I left the island, again had the most wonderful taste in my mouth .

Let me give you one concrete example of typical homemade food : rice or farata or puri ,big beans masala curry , Saumon fish curry in tomato sauce and satini coco. If you want to know more about the dishes simply google them . Remember google is the answer to everything ! And also you can find indian restaurants providing basically the same dishes  around the big famous malls in Mauritius namely Bagatelle , Shoprite , Cascavelle , Caudan ,Pheonix mall, Grand Baie La croisette etc…

But of course it does not have that special touch of my mother  haha but it’s equally tasty am quite certain !

So be sure to try these little mauritian mouthwatering dishes to feel the true soul of the island !






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