It’s  a truth nowadays most people have experienced a heartbreak ! Some who thought they would never felt in the trap of falling in love eventually gets the hardest kick on their ass.

For some people however they got the chance to stay with the one they ever loved truly till the end of their lives.These are the ones who fight through every single obstacle along the way and never give up no matter what ,because they believe that if something gets broken it can be repaired and not just be thrown away ! They are the mature ones who just recognise their soulmates at one glance and just seize the opportunity and never let go no matter the situation in their lives. But this is nowadays fading as many factors affecting us ,just keep on growing loved ones apart .

Some people ,  loved too fiercely and passionately that they burnt up themselves in the process . Also some may argue that love and compatibility is not the same thing . Attachment and love is not the same thing . Infatuation and love is not the same thing. But what makes all of them similar is that you want to stay with the person forever even if they are not right for you . From what I learned , sometimes relationships are like tornado and fire. Have you ever heard of this kind of relationship like the relationship makes them unhappy and is killing each other but still they are happy about being together . These kind of relationships are the ones in which one of them realise sooner or later that it’s impossible to stay together even if they care and love the other person. So one of them just go away leaving the other one completely scattered and worthless.

Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time and puff even then circumstances does not allow you to stay with them . As we can see love is a complicated matter. Well if it can be called love because sometimes the relationship between two different people can be quite hard to explain : Best friends with benefits , love birds , friends ,unhappy couples , happy ones , mistresses, playboys , cheaters or no status relationship just hanging out as they said. All these however include some factors which can be associated with love.

Some people say wait for 6 months if it’s an infatuation you will get over it and some people live with their heartbroken believing that time heals wounds but actually it never does . You just learn to live along with the pain . You try and try to forget , but every time something comes up to remind you about your past and that’s I guess is one of the most difficult challenge one can face.

Its also strange to realise that at point of your life you met someone , you become so close to them , you know every single detail about their life , their secrets and their habits and poufff in matters of seconds which accumulate to become years they just turn out to become strangers again living a totally different life ! It’s a weird world where you cannot even guess who is your soulmate ! You just believe and hope you will find it to eventually discovered you already pass by it and you just rejected it as you could not make it work in this artificial world .

And sometimes , our own dreams and goals separate us from the one we love but for the best . Deep inside , they will always love each other but when facing real life it is kind of impossible to live together or spend time together.

But in any of these circumstances , love always is pure , full of good emotions , sincere and full of blessings and kindness for each other even when they are not together , the thoughts reside .

In much cases , the love that some people have for each other turn into hate , jealously due to the pain inflicted by the other self. In this case can this be called love or obsession? Can the feeling of love be so strong to be converted to the dark side.

But one thing I learnt for sure heartbreaks makes you grow up ,become stronger ,wiser , more mature and change your perspective about life !  But one must never succumb to the dark side that a heartbreak can cause . Always see the positive side , take your time , enjoy yourself , feed your soul , love yourself to the power of infinity and constantly try to improve yourself to become the best because in this life it’s your own self who’s gonna always stick by your side ! Just give your damn heart a break !


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