Getting inked

Hello there ! Long time no see ! But here I am back again with some hottest stuff out there in the world which I tried ! and yes I GOT A TATTOO.

So what does it implies ?

Well for me it has been years since I was planning to have a tattoo but was afraid of the consequences , the outcome , the pain and the safety of putting external material on the body .

But it was my dream ! A dream that I wanted to achieve long ago but did not have the courage to do so . For many people who like tattoo , who have done it or have considered to do it , it’s a big step because you are going to actually put something permanent on your body and so it kind of requires deep thought about what you really want to be stuck along your body for the rest of your life ! Huh it seems scary indeed because human mind changes every time , we get new ideas , we grow up , we become mature and as we grow older in different environments  our feelings , ideas and perspective about life changes along with time .

So what’s the best age to do a tattoo ? What’s the best time to get a tattoo ? What about the design ? What about safety ?

Well I am gonna try to answer some of the most popular questions with my experience of getting tattooed for the first time in the country where I have been studying since 10 months and where they have a serious language barrier (CHINA ) .

As being a teenager , i always thought a tattoo was a cool way to express yourself . Getting a design on your body which expresses some of your taste about anything in life , which everyone may or may not see ( depending on where you want to do it on your body )has certainly to be truly amazing and unique.

Well let me tell you if you want to go and make a tattoo ,don’t research too much about the bad side on the internet instead focus your time on finding a real tattoo artist with a certificate . This will ensure you to be on the safe side of the game. Get someone who knows his stuff ! That’s what I did or i thought I did ! I got the contact of a tattoo artist through a foreigner friend studying at the same university , and she told me I could completely trust them as they are the best !( I saw her recently tattooed body and I was convinced).

So I contacted them and tried to talk to them which was not very easy since they spoke mostly chinese language . But we managed to get a meeting to discuss about the design that I wanted . Let me tell you that the design I wanted was imagined from 2 or 3 years ago but now I amended it with some improvements ! It is a unique combination of an arrow tattoo . I thought about it days and night and finally i said to myself if not now when ? I am already 24 years old soon to be 25 will I do a tattoo in my 30’s ? I don’t even know where I would be at that time but most adults are pretty mature and have much responsibilities during that range of age.

Thinking I am still young , wild and free as a flying bird , I went to the meeting with my tattoo hosts. They were nice and took hours to  sketch what I really wanted .

Actually I did not planned to get a tattoo on the same day, I just wanted to get some information and ask them about my design, but since we had a serious communication problem , they imagined that I came to do the tattoo on that day itself .

And I did not realized that until I saw them planning and taking out the stuffs ready for the mini operation ! I was so shocked and I could not tell them NO! I remembered I always chickened out every time I wanted to make a tattoo after visiting a tattoo artist . For me every time ,  it was not right the time, I was not well prepared ,I was unsure of the design , I was unsure on which part of my body I wanted to do it ,whether it would pain or not and had tons of excuses like that .


But that day , when I saw them preparing to make it , I told myself it’s now or never !


I gathered my courage at least what I had left , sit down the “operation chair ” while they were sticking a fake tattoo on my back to see if I like it . After I agreed it looks good , they began the real stuff . At first I did not thought about the pain and all that comes with getting inked. To  be honest I totally forgot about those side effects since it was a totally unexpected move that I was doing the tattoo that day. If given more time , I would certainly have done so much research on the internet and am totally sure I would have backed off . lol

But I had no time to do that fortunately and unfortunately also. I started to feel pain after few seconds they started their work . I was stunned but I took control of myself . You are a strong girl now , you are already doing it , you have no choices ! you should get through it till the very end ! My friend who was with me tried to distract my attention . I controlled myself like a boss and not a single tear or scream came to my eyes or touched my mouth.

I got over with it for around one hour and finally when it was over I felt a deep sense of accomplishment ! YES I DID IT FINALLY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS . AND yes it hurts ( I did it in the middle of my back on my spinal cord !) and yes it pains even after doing it and you will feel the need of scratching after a few days ! And I don’t know yet about the long term effects !

But one thing for sure If you really are into tattoos and really want to do it ( am talking about middle sized tattoo to large one , not small ones which are harmless I guess :P) , just go for it ( but with a qualified tattoo artist ! ) .However if you don’t like suffering for these kind of stuffs just put temporary tattoos and be happy with it ! Anyways both ways are good depending on what kind of person you are . Getting a tattoo might signify strength , willingness and determination to achieve your dream but for some it may sound a stupid thing to do to your body .

What about me ? well one tattoo is enough I don’t want more pain 😛

My dream has been achieved and my tattoo shows the meaning that I wanted to convey to the world and remind myself every time of !

WeChat Image_20170530190631

Lemme break this down for ya :

The arrow signifies to always move forward in your life .

The spear of the arrow is like the crown of a queen which means I rule my own life .

The star means the Universe .

The yin and yang means the balance and harmony in life.

The maori designs filling the pointed ends of the star means strong character .

AWESOME ISN’T IT ? And I designed it myself ! The tattoo artist did a great job to implement my totally new idea so well on paper !

That tattoo shows my values and beliefs of life. It reminds me that every dream is possible if you have enough courage to pursue it till the end !


So wake up guys and go and follow your dreams !




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