Guide to China – Nanjing

And Yes Some very useful descriptive treasures of Nanjing beautifully written !


nanjingcityLooking for a big, beautiful, exciting and easy access city in China with a long history and relics to show for it? Nanjing checks all those boxes and more! As the historical capital and one of the oldest cities in China, Nanjing (direct translation ‘south capital’) is ideal for anyone wanting to taste both traditional and modern China. Sarah and I spent over a year working here as English teachers in the north-eastern district, Xianlin. So we’re sure we’ve found the best spots for you to make the most of your visit.

If you’re looking for history and ancient relics the Ming Xiaoling Tombs and the city wall at Xuanwu Lake are amazing to see and learn from. If you’re after day excursions the Tangshan Hot Springs and Water Park are ideal destinations. For recent history and the impact of world war two on Nanjing visit both the Nanjing Massacre…

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