What’s life about?

When you are a little kid , you have so many dreams and hopes.You feel you are special.”The chosen one “.You are sure one day you will conquer the world.Your inner self is attracted to some goal and you try your best to pursue your inner passion.

But as you grow up , your environment (be it your parents ,teachers ,family or friends ),they all influence you in some ways or the other.Sometimes it is in a positive way but sometimes in a negative way.

Nevertheless , you still hold up to your dreams that you had since childhood and try to follow it . But then , what happens most of the time is that reality struck you. The world being ruled by money ,fame ,corruption ,politics and fake beauty is a fucked up place!Slowly your dreams fade and fade till they no longer exist.When finally you become grown up ,you cannot find your purpose in life.

Basically in the normal society ,everyone eventually at some point in their life gets married,have children ,get a job ,work 5 days and enjoy in weekends or try to do so.You can try your best to escape this trend ,but eventually you got stucked up in this robotic society . When finally, you attain old age , you wonder where your life is gone ,what have you done fruitful and why it’s time to die ? why did you live ?

The only answer I found till now to this question is we form part of a bigger plan and we are here only to reproduce and go .. ( nice one right  ?)  but really I want to know what is the plan !!! Do you think we deserve to know ?

Few brave people find their true purpose and live life to their fullest. They are the brave ones who don’t care about what other people think , they choose their own different path; a path which goes out of the mundane routine , a path of continuous change , stepping out of their comfort zone and trying to follow a totally unexpected and unventured trail .

I want to be one of those people . The uncommon ones , the strange ones to the eyes of the society , the unconventional ones  living happily and feeling a sense of peace and achievement regardless of what it looks like to others.

We all deserve a life we want to live !


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